New requirements for energy certificates

From April 28, 2023 the legislator introduces the obligation regarding energy certificate for each building or separate premises. The energy certificate is a document describing the building in terms of energy consumption.

The owner of each building, commercial premises and residential premises will be required to have energy certificates. The amendment will adapt Polish regulations to EU law, which means that every building must have an energy performance certificate.

Currently, the obligation to have an energy performance certificate rests only with owners buildings built after January 1, 2009 after April 28, 2023. this obligation will no longer be limited in this way.

The new regulations therefore mean that from April 2023. without an energy certificate, it will not be possible to sell or rent real estate without energy certificate.

In addition, the amendment also introduces new provisions specifying the provision of an energy performance certificate when concluding a sale or lease agreement, and introduces the lack of the possibility of waiving the right to receive an energy certificate by the buyer or lessee, respectively.

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